Prints Etc has a design room for framing that dates back to 1957. With an incredible collection of samples, you’re bound to find the perfect frame! When it comes to custom framing, almost anything can come through the door. This is why we have gathered such a wide variety of framing material samples. We have authentic Italian Louis XVI carved and gilded frames available for the masterpiece that needs a master frame. We have welded steel frames available that are fabricated in Oregon just for your piece. These work great on modern, undustrial artwork. We have high quality wood frames with unique corner designs that are made in the East Bay. These go incredibly well with craftsman style decor. Along with these specialty frames that are available, we have a lot to choose from that are many shades of wood, many shapes and sizes of black, and many more. Along with this selection are the mat board possibilities. We have silk, burlap, double thick and lots of colors! All custom framing materials are archival to protect your art for many years to come.


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