Prints Etc has a great collection of vintage and antique San Francisco postcards. From as early as the 1910’s, they tell a great story of the iconic city. Some are used and some are not. Even the used ones are fascinating because it’s a peek into an individual’s experience at the time. Some are from the world’s fair held on Treasure Island, some are from when San Francisco hosted the Panama Pacific Exposition in 1915. They depict the many landmarks that make San Francisco unique. Some are of Chinatown. Some are of cable cars. Some are of the bridges that were built with much fanfare in the 30’s, the Bay Bridge connecting Oakland and San Francisco and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge connecting San Francisco to the north. There is Lombard Street, know as ‘the crookedest street‘. Some of the older ones depict the city in ruins after the great earthquake and fire of 1906. They are really a treasure trove of relics and definitely worth stopping in the shop to peruse and even purchase to send to a friend.

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